Review: Picture Perfect Royal Christmas on Amazon Prime

At nearly 40, I am finally secure enough to admit something to you… I love Brain Candy. No, this isn’t some fancy drug you missed while raising your kids or working 9-5. It’s lite entertainment that gives my brain a boost when I get the rare moment to myself.

This comes in the form of smutty romance novels where the guy is inevitably a Duke or cheesy Christmas movies that I watch year round.

As a teen, I devoured the classics by Dante, Shakespeare, and the like. I watched foreign films with subtitles and made my way through many of the top 100 films of all time.

But as a tired working mama living in a pandemic, all I want when I watch TV or read a book is to escape. The more tired I am, the less I want to think.

The latest? Picture Perfect Royal Christmas on Amazon Prime.

It follows a familiar formula… a girl pretends to be something she is not in order to get the scoop on the royals. It’s Amazon’s version of Netflix’s A Christmas Prince. In the Christmas Prince, she pretends to be the new Governess but is actually a reporter, in this one she pretends to be her famous photographer boss.

The Christmas Prince is very cheesy, but at least the main characters are likeable. Here the lead actress, Roxanne McKee, is decent but she was saddled with terrible writing choices and bad editing.

My biggest issue? She actively pursues the Prince even after knowing he is engaged. In similar movies, the female lead takes a step back after knowing he is spoken for… as you should, ladies! Have some self-respect and class.

Add to that abrupt transitions that make you wonder how they got on that bridge and it was just too much to keep my interest. My recommendation, skip this one, see A Christmas Prince instead.

Do you agree? Stay tuned for my review of the full A Christmas Prince trilogy in my next post!