It is never too late…

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” —George Eliot

…and what I might have been is a famous writer. I thought about it. I wrote some poems, took some deeply intellectual (and pretentious?) classes, carried a journal on backpacking trips through Europe (definitely pretentious) and even wrote half of a book. I only stopped when I realized that the person I was writing about, me, wasn’t comfortable sharing her secrets with strangers and was too proud to write under a pseudonym.

So I took a decade break. Got married, had a kid, moved a few times, and focused on the day job.

But now, it’s time. Why, you ask? Because I agreed to write one blog each time I want to thank my husband for doing something nice without me having to ask. Today it was taking the kiddo out with him so I could have a break. He wants people visiting his site, I want random acts of awesomeness… win/win.

If you enjoy the ramblings of a permanently tired mama, welcome to My Space. Why My Space? Well, besides the obvious reason, it’s where I met my hubby, so it has been lucky for me before.

Stay tuned for brilliance or… whatever I can throw together while hiding in the bathroom from a 4 year old.